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Monday, 6 August 2012

Lewisohn book further delayed

The publisher, Little Brown UK, is reporting a September 1, 2012 date for volume 1 of Mark Lewisohn's "definitive" Beatles biography. However, Mitchell Axelrod of the Fab Fourum has been in touch with the author and was been told that the book is indeed finished, but that it will not see the light of day this year. The likely publishing date is now predicted to be in the autumn next year, 2013.
Lewisohn wrote to Axelrod that "This is a very long time after the originally announced date (2008) but it took far longer to research and write than I could have anticipated. The whole ethos of the project is ‘do the job properly’, and that’s just what I’ve been doing. I’m very pleased with how it’s all turned out. It’s a big piece of work."
Lewisohn has already written several essential books about the band including “The Beatles Live,” “The Beatles: Recording Sessions,” “The Complete Beatles Chronicle” and “The Beatles' London”. He has also been employed as a researcher by Apple/The Beatles and by Paul McCartney. No word as to when volume 2 and 3 of the forthcoming trilogy may be expected.


Gabor Peterdi said...

We'll never get the read them all. Maybe our grandchildren have a chance - they might even have Shea and Let It Be on DVD too.

Beatcomber said...

At the Current rate of Mark's schedule the last book of the Trilogy should be 2023, using the dates Mark quoted himself. By the way, this is NO criticism on him, he just keeps finding more and more information.

So, if 2013, (Autumn) is the release of the first instalment, well 2018 will be the second and 2023 will be the third and final book in the trilogy.
Not sure about who will be reading this but I will be pens-ional by the time the third one comes out (if I am still alive).

Worth the wait....or weight!!!
As for Shea Stadium...I say check out the Bootleggers, they know what we Grand children won't be bothered, The Beatles will be some Black & White images they saw on The Discovery Channel...along with that Elvis chap who sang on the Titanic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!