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Friday, 24 August 2012

MMT trailer HQ version

The Beatles/Apple has uploaded a version of the Magical Mystery Tour trailer in better quality than the first one. This version is available in up to 720p, but you will have to make the adjustment yourself. Listening to the audio of the songs makes it evident that they have been subjected to some mixing, compared to the original stereo images from 1967. 

The soundtrack was remixed by Sam Okell & produced by Giles Martin. Martin: "it's night and day compared to the original, so much work has gone into MMT, especially by Sam Okell".
So far, it looks like the best deal on the Deluxe package comes from Amazon , at $66.49 at the time of writing. Getting it from the official Beatles shop will set you back $89.95.
In the UK, Amazon has yet to list the new editions of Magical Mystery Tour, but the official Beatles shop has it for £60 (give or take a penny).


Lea said...

What's up with that sidebars on the movie?? It will be 4:3? Kinda annoying

Mark said...

@ Leandro:

The film will be 4:3 because that's how it was shot. The alternative would be a reframed version, cropping off the top and bottom of the image, which doesn't bear thinking about. Pretty sure we'll get black bars either side though, rather than the stars... :P

On another note, it's quite disappointing to hear Giles Martin talking about this being "night and day" compared to the earlier version.

Not that I disagree- even the Youtube trailer proves his point - it's just annoying when you consider that Martin is essentially selling this new edition by admitting what we all know: that any tasteful remix drawn from the original master tapes will be miles ahead of the crappy 2009 remasters drawn from the horrible old stereo mixdowns.

Brian Fried said... has the deluxe edition for $49.99.