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Monday, 3 September 2012

The Beatles in Rome (video)

From The Beatles Bible: Live: Teatro Adriano, Rome, Italy 4.30pm, Sunday 27 June 1965. The Beatles performed two shows on this day at the Teatro Adriano in Piazza Cavour in Rome, and two more on the following day. It was the group's only visit to the Italian capital.
The concerts took place on each of the days at 4.30pm and 9.30pm. Originally just this day's performances had been booked, but the next day's were added later on. Despite this, none of The Beatles' four Rome shows was more than half full.
Throughout their European Tour in June and July 1965 The Beatles' set comprised 12 songs: 

Twist And Shout, She's A Woman, I'm A Loser, Can't Buy Me Love, Baby's In Black, I Wanna Be Your Man, A Hard Day's Night, Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby, Rock And Roll Music, I Feel Fine, Ticket To Ride and Long Tall Sally.

Parts of both this day's performances, recorded by members of the audience, have been circulated on bootlegs, although the quality is less than perfect.

Italian EMI celebrated by releasing a Beatles album, "The Beatles in Italy". In its original pressing, the cover is gatefold, with a front cover depicting the Beatles on stage in Washington DC, February 11th 1964. The album is not a "live" album, instead it is a collection of various non-LP tracks.

Side One:
Long Tall Sally
She's A Woman
From Me To You
I Want To Hold Your Hand
Ticket To Ride

Side Two
This Boy
Slow Down
I Call Your Name
Thank You Girl
Yes It Is
I Feel Fine

This album was only available in mono until the 1968 reissues. The cover for The Beatles In Italy changed, only the first issues have the unique gatefold picture sleeve. Many people, including The Beatles themselves, thought that this album was a live recording from Italy, due to it's title and the concert photo on the album cover. Due to it's reputation, the album has also been counterfeited.

A later pressing featured this 'champagne' cover

Yesterday, a video was made available from the Beatles concert from the 27th of June, 1965 - evening show. In colour and formerly silent, the video has been enhanced by synchronising it with correct or fitting audio excerpts. It's been done before, but not as well as this.

There's also more Italian Beatles footage available on YouTube.


Ariel C said...

Anyone notice the pro-filmer at the end where John was making faces? That footage is still unreleased. Wonder how much footage that cameraman has? Very nice job with the film. I guess this video is the third available filmed source of this concert?

city said...

thanks for posting.