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Friday, 12 October 2012

John Lennon 1980 interview

Well, actually it's more fly-on-the wall while John Lennon is having a normal conversation. He speaks very fondly of the "Magical Mystery Tour" film, among other subjects.


Anonymous said...

Love how when Paul comes up John says, "My dear one". :) ♥ Too bad the "interview" is marred by all the "Star Wars" noise and isn't visually the best..but, it's wonderful to have this "document" just two months before John's death. Makes me feel very sad, though, considering. :(

Awaiting my copy of MMT in the mail as we speak! ;)

Thank you for your great blog, btw, hon'!

Anonymous said...

Is this 'Revolution 10'?

Lizzie Bravo said...

this is great, roger, i will listen to all 3 carefully!

Unknown said...

I don't listen Lennon talking "paul my dear one"