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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Mister Kite - poster recreated

For years, I wanted to own a reproduction of the famed circus poster that John Lennon bought in an antiques shop in Sevenoaks, Kent, which gave him nearly all the lyrics to his song "Being For The Benefit of Mister Kite" on the "Sgt Pepper"-album. I have even been to Sevenoaks and poked around in their antiques shops to no avail, back in the nineties. I finally bought a reproduction of this poster in 2006, I found it for sale in the Hamburg museum while I was there for their "The Hamburg Sound - Beatles, Beat und Große Freiheit" exhibition. I had it framed and it's now up on my "Sgt Pepper" wall. Here's a photo of it from an exhibition I staged in 2009.

Now, Peter Dean was not satisfied with the quality of the reproduced posters, so he set about recreating it from scratch. He is now offering the public at large to get their own limited edition (1967 prints are available) print from this website. It's a marvellous work of art, but at the price they are charging, it looks like I'm going to have to stick with my cheapo edition.


John Medd said...

On the night in question, they weren't in Bishopsgate; they were in Richdale!

John Medd said...

Typo. Rochdale. Obviously.

Brilig said...

I too have a Beatle wall in my Beatle room and the same poster on the wall. The original antique shop on Sevenoaks high street is now estate agents not far from the entrance to Knole Park - where the tree stump etc etc - no doubt you already knew that. Love the blog.
Bests from Beatleplace

shekespeare said...

Super cool, when you think you have reached the limit of fanaticism comes another that's crazier than one haha.

wogew said...

Well, I have to confess I know that tree stump..and I even brought a bit of it with me back my Beatles room! We're nuts.