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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Tomorrow Never Knows promo vinyl LP

It exists. But only as a very limited edition promotional giveaway. It's on Apple. It opens at the top, like the first edition of the UK White album, not at the side like regular LP's. Happy hunting!
When the album was released as a digital download in July, a spokeswoman said that Tomorrow Never Knows would not be released on CD or vinyl. So far, only a couple of these have appeared on ebay. There's one there at the moment, but with a starting price of $599.99, there are no bidders.
The back cover
Accompanying letter
Also, a free download


Gaz Hat said...

Obviously bootleg versions on colour vinyl have appeared of this but has it been bootlegged on black vinyl?

Can anyone who has a genuine copy give me a list of the matrix numbers and any additional info, do all genuine copies come with the promo letter for intstance ?

Gaz Hat said...

Does anyone know if this has been released as a black vinyl bootleg or are they just on coloured vinyl ? And are the matrix numbers different on the original / boots ? I'm fancying a copy but don't wanna be conned...

Davidd said...

I have a genuine copy, as I used to work for EMI. Matrix: BC83972-01 A1 & 3197551 A2. Thinking of selling it. Cheers David D (Belgium)