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Saturday, 29 December 2012

This is your life, George Martin

Nothing like watching "an oldie" this time of year. This was originally broadcast Wednesday, January 30, 1980. All four Beatles were alive, and Paul McCartney was just released from imprisonment in Japan.


Studio2AbbeyRd said...

Blimey, I can remember watching this show live. Thanks Roger.

Zanrak said...

I was too young to ever see TIYL when it was on in the states. I have seen some of the shows in re-runs and it's a fantastic format! I never knew that it also had an English version.... perhaps the English one pre-dates the US one?
There's no question that Mr. Martin was the long-sought "5th Beatle". His musical talents and knowledge, no doubt, helped the Beatles music find focus, clever arrangements, and orchestration. All we listeners and fans owe Mr. Martin a huge salute for his contributions.
And, he was a fine gentleman as well. Rock on, George!