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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Videos from The Beatles

There's been some activity on the official YouTube account of the Beatles recently. 18-20 hours ago no fewer than 31 short clips were uploaded, most of them from the promo films (=music videos). The clips were around 40 seconds long, and are probably there to be used on site. Two longer clips from the Shea Stadium film were among the new uploads, clocking in at 2:17 and 1:53. Is there hope for a long overdue release of this film for the home cinema market?


Lance T. Osborne said...

Very attentive, Roger. Good catch.
Hopefully this is somehow related to a promo films DVD/BD release in the near future. (Although, these clips aren't in superb quality.)

Martin Quibell said...

I think it is about time they release more of what they have available. The footage from Shea Stadium is a must, as well as other live footage. I have also felt since it first came out that the Anthology was missing a disc with the promotional films, what we now called music videos.

Brian Fried said...

Lead up to Magical Mystery Tour's DVD release was that Let It Be is due out in 2014 or 2015 — meaning there's plenty of time to squeeze in another Beatle product for Christmas.

My thought? Fall 2013 will see the release of another musical compilation a la Tomorrow Never Knows (perhaps a love song collection?) that fans won't care for; February 2014 will see the release of Beatles music videos on DVD/Blu in celebration of their 50th anniversary of the Ed Sullivan Show; Christmas 2014 will get the Hollywood Bowl CD at long last to end the "year of the Beatle"; and Let It Be will be pushed back to 2016 because Shea will be out in 2015.