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Monday, 11 February 2013

Rare candid photos

 Paul McCartney, producer George Martin, engineer Phil McDonald and John Lennon

Some very rare photos from 1969 showed up today on Miss Tammy's excellent Beatle Photo Blog. It is rumoured that these photos are from a camera that was stolen from Yoko Ono at the time. Some of them are obviously taken in the studio, like the one below:

When the UK newspaper Daily Mirror published a few of these photos years ago they were cropped, here is that same photo as it appeared in the newspaper:

The infamous bed, brought in by Lennon/Ono for the Abbey Road sessions has never before appeared in photos, but there it is. This is Studio Three at Abbey Road, late July, probably at a recording session for "Come Together". Lennon had the bed installed in Studio Three for Yoko to recover after the motor accident in Scotland. Now, head on over to the Beatle Photo Blog for the rest of the photos, including a few of John and Paul taken by Yoko from her perspective in the bed!

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