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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Beatles on Blu-ray

As y'all probably know, "Help!" is heading our way again, now on Blu-ray. The Beatles have control over all their films, except "A Hard Day's Night". With "Help!" due out in June, The Beatles/Apple have released three of their four films on Blu-ray in the course of a year. Here's the schedule:
June 2012: "Yellow Submarine"
October 2012: "Magical Mystery Tour"
June 2013: "Help!"
Can we believe that October 2013 will see the release of the film we're really waiting for: "Let It Be". This writer thinks so.


Brian Fried said...

First US Visit will come in October.

The new McCartney studio album will also come in the fall, just in time for the added European dates.

A Hard Day's Night will be reissued in June 2014 for its 50th anniversary.

Which means October 2014 for Let It Be — and, if I recall correctly, Ringo or Paul said something like 2014 or 2015 for Let It Be.

James19 said...

I think the Let it Be film will be released either this year or next year and it will be released with a Remastered version of Let It Be...Naked. It will follow the other remasters (Digipack), I'm excited to (hopefully) see this happen

Unknown said...

Why would they release First US Visit in October when they can tie it into the 50th anniversary next year?
I have a feeling Let it Be will be next this year, despite whatever Paul and Ringo say (they have either beein saying its never coming out or it will come out next year for the past 10 years, so clearly not the most reliable sources)
I think Apple will follow the same pattern as they did last year - release a movie that they already released not too long ago just to get it out on blu ray (yellow sub/help) and follow it up a few months later with a deluxe edition of a movie that hasn't been released yet (MMT/LIB)
And if anyone is thinking that Apple still has to release the mono vinyl set and won't want to flood the market, just remember, MMT and the Stereo Vinyls came out within a month of each other last year.

Dogma said...

Hey Roger!, what is it with AHDN?? they don´t own the rights to that??

wogew said...

No that's right. AHDN is not owned by Apple. It was owned solely by Walter Shenson, and he either sold it or his relatives sold it after he died. Help! was only co-owned by Shenson and NEMS, so it now belongs to Subafilms/Apple.

wogew said...

A Hard Day's Night is available on Blu-ray (here), but unfortunately it has problems audiowise since the current owners don't own the stereo version of the songs on the soundtrack, thus they have produced a fake stereo sound on this release.

Anonymous said...

i'd like to know why the shea stadium concert hasn't been released on bluray yet.and why is it an edited version.doesn't someone have the full concert?i read ed sullivans company filmed the concert.wouldn't they have the entire concert?any way to contact them and ask them this.

wogew said...

"The Beatles at Shea Stadium" is owned by Subafilms/Apple, but there may be co-ownership with the Ed Sullivan company preventing a release. We don't know. Why the two songs "Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby" and "She's A Woman" were edited out before the TV special was shown is anybody's guess. Whether they survive, is also another matter. At least we have the audio of "Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby" on Anthology 2. In 2006, a pristine clip of "Dizzy Miss Lizzy" was released to TV stations only, in promotion of the album boxed set "Capitol Albums Vol 2".