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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Confusion re "New" track lists

Today, several Beatles news sites have published the same 14 tracks track list that we published here on Friday. However, French Amazon is now out with a track list of their DeLuxe Edition, looking like this, listing 15 tracks:

1. Save us
2. Alligator
3. On my way to work
4. Queenie eye
5. Early days
6. New
7. Appreciate
8. Everybody out there
9. Hosanna
10. I can bet
11. Looking at her
12. Road
13. Turned out
14. Get me out of here
15. Scared

Thus omitting the UK/US bonus track "Life Of A Party Girl" but including two titles never mentioned so far: "Turned Out" and "Get Me Out Of Here". Although no track list yet for the alleged 16-track Japanese edition of the DeLuxe "New", we are speculating that the Japanese one may look like the French one, with "Life Of A Party Girl" added.

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