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Friday, 15 November 2013

Words Of Love music video

The Beatles/Apple has produced a new music video for the version of "Words Of Love" from "On Air - Live at the BBC Volume 2".

Paperback Writer at Top Of The Pops. Photo: Robert Whitaker

We just got wind of something, videowise: A large cache of missing television material of the Beatles (Jukebox Jury, Top Of The Pops, Pop Goes Charts etc.) has been discovered and is currently being restored for tentatively a 2014/2015 release. Though how they will use this material depends on how the "On Air - Live At BBC Volume 2" and the remastered "Live at the BBC" performs, saleswise. Still, exciting possibilities, and we are happy to hear that material thought lost a long time ago, survives.

Here's the only surviving, or so we thought, extract from their debut at Top Of The Pops and also the first time the audience could see them in what was to become known as the "Shea suits".


Sgt Pepper said...

How did you hear this info? Great news if true!

torp it to full forward said...

The release of the Juke Box Jury footage would be fantastic. I have never seen the footage. The Big Night Out footage (19 July 1964) would also be great. According to Lewisohn's book there are some funny moments in these appearances. 28 March 1965- Thank Your Lucky Stars- that looks like the best of the unreleased footage.

torp it to full forward said...

What is Pop Goes The Charts?
I cannot find any reference to it in the books I have...Is this a TV show?

Brian Fried said...

This is great news for the Beatles, as it gives them yet another reason to delay Let It Be. (It's been pushed due to a number of other projects already.)

Caveman said...

This fragment of Ticket To Ride only survives because it was included in an episode of Doctor Who if I remember right.

torp it to full forward said...

I just read up on the Top of the Pops shows, and if they had footage of The Beatles doing Yes It Is & Things we said Today that would be very impressive. There isn't any footage of them doing those songs. Seeing the Paperback Writer version on TOTP would be great too.

The Juke Box Jury material - I would get the dvd just for that alone. It sounds very funny.

Unknown said...

Yeah, there's been rumours abound that a shedload of missing BBC stuff from the sixties had been quietly found in Africa a couple of years back - culminating in the surprise release of a couple of thought missing Doctor Who serials last month. I've seen The Beatles' name being banded about in relation to these rumours, though I think the details of what BBC music programmes were sold overseas is a lot more sketchy than th drama shows etc they were selling on.