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Friday, 6 December 2013

Beatles/McCartney mix tape

DJ Chris Holmes
DJ Chris Holmes, who works with Paul McCartney and often performs deejay sets as an opening act for McCartney's live shows, shares a real gem with the public: a Soundcloud mix to beat them all.

Chris explains:
"I finally had some time to put together a mix for all of you who've been asking over the years of my beatles/mccartney stuff for tour. It's about 2hrs long. I hope you enjoy." 
"I've had the best time in the history of the world making the tracks and putting it together. It starts off at 88bpm and speeds up until it loops around at 176 (88bpm) completing the cycle."  
"It's the first time I've shared this stuff in bulk, I hope you all enjoy it. Here is four years of my Beatles/macca mixes. I am the opening act for Paul McCartney (" 
"This a collection of some of my favorite remixes I've made over the 4 years touring with Paul. I want to thank Brian Liesegang and Cory Nitta for help tweaking and ironing out a bunch of these mixes and most importantly Paul McCartney and his amazing crew for giving me the opportunity to be able to play with him on tour. It is the best job, with the nicest boss in the world."

His mix tape is shared on

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