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Monday, 17 February 2014

"1" TV spot and chart action

"1" is performing well on the charts
In conjunction with the 50th anniversary of The Beatles' arriving Stateside, a joint TV spot for the US albums and the greatest hits compilation "1" has been made. The latter has performed well on the Billboard Top 200 albums chart since before Christmas, and at the time of writing holds the no. 37 spot, so it's in the "Top 40". "1" is the best selling Beatles album and also the best selling album of anyone in the decade 2000-2010. It was re-released in an updated digipack for 2011, using the 2009 remastered versions of the album's tracks.

At the time of writing, these Beatles albums were all in the top 200:  "Abbey Road" at 119, "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts' Club Band" at 132, "The Beatles" (aka "the White Album") at 159 and "Love" at 191. Of the U.S. albums, "Rubber Soul" is at 134, "A Hard Day's Night (Soundtrack)" at 189 and "Meet The Beatles" at 192.

Comprised entirely of number 1 hits from UK and the U.S, "1" was originally released in 2000, breaking records by debuting at the top of the charts in 35 countries, and going on to sell over 31 million copies worldwide. It was and remains to this day a most emphatic introduction to and collection of The Beatles' career-spanning dominance of pop music through the 1960's.

A proposed music video collection for "1" has a planned October release date.

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