Thursday, 6 March 2014

Bootleg Recordings 1963 - on vinyl

From Sapple Records
The Beatles – Bootleg Recordings – The Copyright Extension release is now out as a vinyl bootleg. The release consists of 4 LPs on 180 gram virgin vinyl with a 40-pages booklet including rare photos. Which goes to show that if Apple can't do it, the bootleggers are ready! This is a limited edition of 500 numbered packages, and also includes a 2-disc CD version. And don't call them Dutch imports, as far as WogBlog can tell, these bootlegs originate from Spain.

the back cover

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Michael Hockinson said...

A case of beating the bootleg beaters. Uh...yeah. While I'm sure the sound quality (from Apple) is minutely marvelous, why would a hardcore buy this when they've already heard these (studio outtakes) to death?

Question: Those of you who downloaded these tracks from iTunes - how many times have you actually played them?

What really galls me is the inclusion of BBC material. In November, Apple/EMI issued a new 2CD set. Respect. One month later, they drop an additional 42 tracks on iTunes. Why not a 4CD box set? Why not another 2CD set a year from now?

After years of waiting for official outtakes from "The Beatles"(TM), they are dispensed into the marketplace with a carelessness that borders on disrespect.