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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Birthday boy

Birthday party
Paul McCartney celebrated his 72nd birthday yesterday, at the Club at The Ivy in Central London. Ringo's wife, Barbara Bach and George's widow, Olivia Harrison (hidden behind Joe Walsh in this photo) were among the guests.

Earlier that day, the photographer from M&M / Splash News captured Paul and Nancy in more casual clothes, strolling around. They passed a street musician who obviously didn't notice the celebrities. But wait, what's that t-shirt the musician is wearing?

Earlier that day
Yep, it's the $40 Wings t-shirt they are currently selling at the 'Out There' tour...


georgefromhenley said...
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georgefromhenley said...

Haha, your idol passes by and you did not notice it... Great photo.

Anonymous said...

Actually the Ivy's pics are on June 17th and the strolling pics are on his birthday, I believe.

As for the guy in the t-shirt. Ah the perils of Twuntphone distraction!

Anonymous said...

Paul: 'Oh...oh...oh....and he's totally blown it!'

At least that's what Paul's expression suggests :P