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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Lennon in High definition

John Lennon - the original mixes go high def.
In celebration of John Lennon’s 74th birthday on October 9, eight essential studio albums, two compilations, and the acclaimed John Lennon Signature Box are making their high definition digital audio debuts.
The debate over whether consumers can hear the difference in high resolution audio still rages, but music industry giant Sony is hoping that better-than-CD sound quality will revitalise its music business. On stage at the Europe’s largest electronics trade show, IFA in Berlin, Sony chief executive Kazuo Hirai declared that Hi-Res audio – music recorded in higher quality than CDs – as crucial to the success of its audio products.
“We see Hi-Res as a way to revitalise the music industry, creating a better engagement with the music and customers,” Hirai told a packed auditorium. “We see it as the future of our music business.”

All of the titles have been digitally remastered in high resolution digital audio for the first time from John Lennon’s original mixes and are available worldwide via Capitol/UMe for purchase from all major hi-res digital audio providers.
Beginning today, Imagine and Rock ‘N’ Roll are available in hi-res 96kHz/24bit digital resolution.
On October 14, Double Fantasy, Mind Games, and Walls And Bridges will debut in the same digital resolution, followed by Plastic Ono Band, Sometime In New York City, and Milk And Honey on October 21.
On October 28, two 2010 compilations, the 15-track Power To The People hits collection and the 72-track Gimme Some Truth set, will debut in 44.1kHz/24bit digital resolution.
The John Lennon Signature Box will follow on November 4. Originally released in 2010, the acclaimed collection includes the eight remastered albums and an EP of Lennon’s non-album singles, all newly remastered in hi-res 96kHz/24bit digital resolution, plus several rarities available exclusively within the box set in 44.1kHz/24bit digital resolution.

One of the providers of the new high resolution Lennon releases is HD Tracks.


Isko said...

Hope a definitive audio/video release of Live in NYC (1972 MSG shows) hits marketplace sometime soon.

db said...

Amazing how the record companies keep presenting old product as new...

Anonymous said...

Sometimes wonder if HiRes acolytes around the boards are (un)paid hype from the record companies.

Did blind tests on hi-res vs CD on a loud expensive audio system and even studio engineers were getting them mixed.

Don't believe the hype or you'll be rebuying until the end of time.

sstone said...

Thanks for the info, Roger! It might be worth noting that today only is offering the Signature Box (in physical form) at a nice discount of $75 for North American users. Which is a sizeable drop from its original price.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

And another reissue program. After the Mono Masters, George's Apple Years, McCartney's archive reIssues, the fourth major release in just a couple of months. I'll bet the consumer can't get enough of all these new releases. Apparently the record companies are in financial dire straits.
Also, I have heard several of these 24/192 remasters and some of them still sound crap. Simply because they used a not very good mastertape to begin with. As with everything you can't make chicken soup out of chicken poo. Seriously, I am not holding my breath for this one.