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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Lennon on Spotify

John Lennon is on Spotify
It was only yesterday that I was looking for John Lennon on the online streaming service Spotify, and all that was there were a few tracks. Today the albums depicted below have all been added to Spotify. McCartney and Starr was already there, so the only solo-Beatle missing is George (sorry, Pete). Listening to my favourite Lennon album Walls and Bridges while writing this.

Listen to this stream.

John Lennon's music is now available for you to listen to on streaming music services including:

1 comment:

Mikko Suhonen said...

All we need is the George solo albums in Spotify to get them to the audience that has turned it's back to physical media. And then there's an obscure little band called the Beatles to have their catalogue in the streaming services.