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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Wings - Letting Go - extended remaster

Wings - Letting Go
Today, Paul McCartney has shared a version of "Letting Go" which is not part of the upcoming "Venus and Mars" package. It's an extended and remastered version of the classic Wings track, available to download for free from this page.


Geert said...

How can something be a re-master if it was never previously 'mastered'? Anyway, a great outtake to hear!

Anonymous said... of the most demonstrative 'in progress' takes I've heard of any artist as it really shows how this song could have gone into a funkier style, perhaps toward a Steely Dan type of sound. Much as I love the original and especially the WOA live version, this was a great giveaway by the man and I must have played it a dozen times in the week. Thanks, Paul!

Mark M said...

Why on earth hasn't this been included on the reissued Venus and Mars? Just saying, I don't mind buying all these tracks (bonus tracks, b sides etc.) but can at least have them on a format I want i.e. CD? And yes...I'm looking at that gift horse dead in the eyes :)