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Friday, 28 November 2014

12 days of Christmas

Universal Music's 12 days of Christmas campaign.
In a new article from the Daily Mirror about the revitalised vinyl records industry, we noticed the following sentence: "Music giant Universal Music is releasing a number of vinyl singles next month by acts such as The Who and The Beatles in its 12 Days Of Christmas campaign". So, Beatles singles, aye? However, upon further investigation, it turned out to be the afore mentioned "Long Tall Sally" release from Record Store Day's "Black Friday" in the USA, being readied in the UK for December 2. Technically, that's an EP and not a single, Daily Mirror.

Picture from our reader Josep M. Navarro, who bought the EP on "Black Friday" from Revolver Records in Barcelona, Spain today.

The two recent "Best Buy exclusive" Wings singles are also part of the campaign. Here's the release schedule:

  • Metallica, Lords of Summer 12” - December 1st
  • The Beatles, Long Tall Sally 7” - December 2nd
  • Tim Hardin, Tim Hardin 1 & 2 LPs - December 3rd
  • Wings, Let Em In/Beware My Love 7” - December 4th
  • Bon Jovi, Live 2 10” - December 5th
  • 5 Seconds of Summer , Picture disc LP - December 6th
  • St. Vincent, Pieta/Sparrow 10” - December 8th
  • Weezer, Back to the Shack 7” - December 9th
  • Shirley Collins/Davy Graham, Folk Roots, New Roots LP - December 10th
  • Wings, Letting Go 7” - December 11th
  • Imagine Dragons, Night Vision picture disc LP - December 12th
  • The Who, Be Lucky 7” - December 13th
For the record, all three Beatles and related records have been observed in record stores here in Norway today as part of Black Friday.

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