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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Star Club tapes for sale again (yawn)

Pete, George, John, Paul and Stuart in Hamburg, 1960 - two years before the Star Club days. Colourised.
Looks like the Star Club tapes with the Beatles and others have appeared for sale once more, as reported by The Guardian and echoed by Rolling Stone, who are inferring that the famous rock'n'roll venue was a strip club... So much for rock and roll journalism.

The original tape recorders and another tape appeared for sale by Heritage Auctions in December without attracting any buyers.

The current tape offered up for sale is supposedly a seven-inch reel safety master of the original unedited Beatles mono tape that ran during the performances, often when John, Paul, George and Ringo were not playing. It has previously been up for sale over at American Memorabilia, where it has been around for years without anyone bothering to buy it. Now that it has attracted the attention of the mainstream media, maybe they'll find a buyer, who knows?

Auction house Ted Owen & Co. will offer up the tape with a reserve price of £100,000. Registration and bidding commences from the 27th of February with the online auction to start on March 26th 2015 6pm (GMT) 10am (PST).


James19 said...

I like the picture you're using for the header of this site...but where is Ringo? Haha

Anonymous said...

Is here:

James19 said...

it's gotta be color!

Anonymous said...

When will Apple learn that if they don't reissue everything again SOON (it's been months), that fans will be forced to buy these shoddy b-stock releases to avoid doing the gardening