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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Full Budokan concert with McCartney

Advertisement for the TV broadcast.
11 July, the full 28 April concert with Paul McCartney from Nippon Budokan Hall in Tokyo was televised in Japan. The full concert is now available on YouTube in high quality. This was the debut performance of the Beatles song "Another Girl".


Unknown said...

Is it full concert?

Just 2 hours when concerts go on for 2.45 approx.

wogew said...

For this concert, only 30 songs were played, and not as usual, around 40. A number of regular songs dropped from the set included The Long And Winding Road, Queenie Eye, All Together Now, Lovely Rita, Eleanor Rigby, Here Today, Something, Band On The Run, Day Tripper, Hi, Hi, Hi and Helter Skelter.

Juan Antonio Anes said...

Ya lo han eliminado de YouTube. Alguien lo descargo?