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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The Beatles with Pete ...and Ringo

John, Paul, George, Pete ...and Ringo at the Tower ballroom. Photo: Dick Matthews
Take a close look at this photo. It's possibly the only photo of The Beatles with both their drummers, Pete Best and Ringo Starr. The photo was probably taken on Friday, 8 December 1961, a date when both The Beatles and Rory Storm and the Hurricanes performed at the Tower ballroom. In the photo, Paul is easily recognised as the second person on the right side, directly above him is the back of Pete Best with his drums, making eye contact with and perhaps addressing a bearded Ringo Starr. On the far end of the stage, George Harrison can be recognised by his ears (holding his guitar?) and he seems to be talking to John, who has his back to the photographer and is partly obscured by another person, also with his back to the camera. Click the photo for a closer look.

Same photo with The Beatles identified.
Thanks to Peter Hodgson for alerting us to the people appearing in this photo. More photos from this date are available on this Beatlesource page.


db said...

Far out!

Blumen said...

"Paul is easily recognised as the second person on the left side" should be right side.