Monday, 31 August 2015

121 new Beatles photos

The Beatles on stage in Copenhagen. Photo: Johan Brun. From Digitalt Museum.
The Beatles never came to Norway, but photographer Johan Brun from the Norwegian newspaper "Dagbladet" was sent to Copenhagen when the Fab Three plus Jimmy Nicol had their concerts there on 4. June 1964. Now the 121 stunning black and white photos are available online at the Norwegian Digital Museum, most of them probably for the first time ever. As well as the concerts, the photos also cover the Beatles arrival at the airport, a press conference and their departure. Rather a large number of photos focus on the mania and the audience, but there are also quite a few wonderful photos of the Beatles themselves.

The fab three. Photo Johan Brun. From Digitalt Museum.
You can view all the photos spread across six pages on the website of the Digital Museum.

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