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Monday, 21 September 2015

Auction results

"Rosi", the tip jar. Photo: Heritage Auctions.
Here are some of the results from Heritage Auctions' sale of the Uwe Blaschke collection, as we reported about in an earlier blog post.

The Beatles' recording contract with Polydor: $93,750
Sealed first state stereo "Butcher cover" LP in Gem Mint 10 Condition: $75,000
Signed UK "Love Me Do" single (signed on label), framed: $25,000
Another one of those, but unframed went for just $6,250
Rare early (1962) signatures with Roy Young and Bernard Boyle in matted display: $12,500
Signed Austrian menu obtained during "Help!" filming, in matted display: $12,500
Early (late 1962) signatures on a Star-Club promo photo in matted display: $9,375
Early signatures (with Pete, 1962) on Peter Kaye promo photo in matted display: $8,750
Set of signatures on a piece of paper in matted display (1964):  $8,750
Small page featuring the signatures of all four Beatles:  $5,312
A Paul McCartney signed 1965 Höfner bass guitar:  $8,750
A vintage-style Höfner Ignition Series modern bass guitar signed by Paul: $6,875
A Liverpool Beatles fan's autographed scrapbook (1962-63):  $7,097.50
The Beatles (aka The White Album) low number A0000010:  $6,875.00
Brian Epstein typed and signed letter to Peter Eckhorn of Top Ten Club in Hamburg: $6,562
John Lennon's signed Star-Club pay voucher for the club's opening week: $5,000
A John Lennon owned Levi's suede jacket gifted through Bob Dylan: $5,000
Ringo Starr handwritten postcard  from Hamburg to his grandmother, signed "Richy":  $4,625
A second one of those also went for $4,250
Star-Club Photo signed by John Lennon and mounted with a signature of George Harrison: $4,000
John Lennon signed £10 travellers' cheque from 1967: $4,000
A full set of psychedelic Beatles portrait posters by Richard Avedon for Stern magazine also went for $4,000, as did a mono US sealed copy of the Sgt Pepper-album (MAS 2563).
"A Hard Day's Night" RIAA white matte gold record award:  $3,750
A sealed US "Let It Be" album from 1970 sold for $3,000. A pristine copy of a pasteover second-state "Butcher Cover" with the original shrinkwrap and price tag went for $1,875.
Three English Beatles jigsaw puzzles, together with A Beatles "Flip Your Wig Game": $180

You can find more auction results here. 114 items failed to reach the minimum bids, including "Rosi", the Star Club piggy bank tip jar.

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