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Thursday, 24 September 2015

More Beatles auction lots

6. December 1980 at Hit Factory Studios. Photo: Paul Williams
The above photo is probably familiar to you, as a similar one was used on the back of the soft cover book, "The Lennon Tapes", a transcription of the interview John and Yoko had with Andy Peebles from BBC Radio on 6 December, 1980. The people in the photo are Doreen Davies (Executive producer) and Andy Peebles, with John Lennon and Yoko Ono. This photo, along with other pictures taken on this occasion are now for sale through the auction house Nate D. Sanders, ending today, Thursday, September 24th, 5pm pacific. There are 33 total images on the negative strips, but only nine of them are of Lennon, and another one of just his wife, Yoko Ono. These photos are sold with copyright.

6. December 1980 at Hit Factory studios, John and Yoko. Photo: Paul Williams
Another item from the same auction is a silent colour film of the Beatles, identified as 25 August 1963 at ABC Theatre in Blackpool, England, filmed by fellow musician Chas McDevitt. At this concert, the footage shows The Beatles performing and there are also also backstage scenes, all in all lasting approximately 3 1/2 minutes. Shooting from the side curtain, McDevitt captures The Beatles performing on stage with John Lennon doing his ''spastic'' routine (recently a hot potato in the British press), though most of the film is of the Fab Four playfully mucking about backstage. It sees them reading fan letters, with John Lennon in particular being very animated, playing with musician Hank Marvin's glasses, and combing and styling his hair in a comical manner. George Harrison is shown playing his guitar and all four are seen talking to various people backstage. This film was earlier auctioned by Sotheby's back in 1999, and parts of it have been broadcast.

In addition to the film spool itself, the lot includes two letters: one from Sotheby's, referencing the auction where this film originally sold (lot 399 in their Rock & Film Memorabilia sale on 15 September 1999), and referencing an enclosed letter where Chas McDevitt relinquishes copyright to the film. This letter is also included, where McDevitt indeed releases copyright to the new owner, who is the consignor of this lot and will transfer ownership to the winning bidder.
The lot also includes an original concert program with the date of "Sunday, August 25th", corresponding to the year of 1963, listing both The Beatles and Chas McDevitt as performers. The Kodak film cartridge has handwritten labels that read, "Beatles Blackpool 1964 [sic]", "Beatles / on stage 4 in room", "Blackpool" and "Indoor Film / ASA.40". All the items are in very good condition, with the film spool in particular intact and well preserved. Perhaps this will be interesting to the people currently working on The Beatles Live Project?

Other Beatles items from this auction:
- The Beatles 1966 ''Battle of the Giants'' award given to them by the well-known Luxembourg radio show of the same name in 1966.  Originally lot 62 in Christie's 26 May 1994 sale in London.
- A signed programme from 1962, featuring the autographs of John, Paul and George. Missing Ringo's.
- A signed John Lennon "Bag One" print.

Another upcoming auction with a few Beatles items among the lots is coming up on September 29, at Sotheby’s. In this sale is the first and only management contract signed by the four Beatles with Brian Epstein in 1962 (estimated 300,000 — 500,000 GBP).  There are just ten Beatles related lots in all, mostly signed items. Among these are;
- A fully signed 1963 concert programme from Margate Winter Gardens (8,000 — 12,000  GBP)
- Three album covers signed by all four, "Please Please Me", "Meet The Beatles" (both 15,000 — 20,000 GBP each) and "Beatles For Sale" (just 4,000 — 6,000 GBP).

One of the colour slides from the filming of A Hard Day's Night. Photo: Sotheby's
Another interesting lot is a set of eight colour slates taken during the filming of "A Hard Day’s Night" (2,500 — 3,000  GBP)

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