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Friday, 4 September 2015

Tug of War remixes

Paul McCartney has now released a sample of the new 2015 remix of Tug of War. 
And here's the remastered single edit of "Take It Away".


ted mills said...

Here's a lovely bootleg mix that turns the opening 30 seconds into a long dub track.

DonP said...

The first American edition I bought of Tug of War had an alternate bass line opening to Take It Away. Subsequent copies I got my hands on - Australian, UK, US (and later the CD) had this different (now common bass opening). And I've never read anything about it anywhere. Anyone know anything about the first US edition of the album being slightly different mix wise?

cmi said...

Can you share a snippet with alternate bass line for anyone to judge?

DonP said...

Having listened to it again - I've worked out the anomaly. The first bass line has been cut. There are only three bass lines instead of four. Very odd!