Thursday, 3 September 2015

What if the Beatles never broke up?

Peter Lee has maintained a blog called Hooks and Harmony since 2008, dedicated to pop music and 80s music. Now he is coming out with a new novel, titled "The Death and Life of Mal Evans."

The book speculates what would have happened if the Beatles had stayed together during the 1970s, as seen through the eyes of Beatles assistant and roadie Mal Evans. Evans, near death from a gunshot wound in 1976, gets a chance to relive a crucial moment when the Beatles began to break up in 1969, and change musical history.

In the alternate reality Evans creates, these Beatle albums do get created, but not without some difficulty. John and Paul are constantly arguing, George is second guessing his work, and Ringo has trouble living up to the Beatle name. And during this time, Evans is constantly running from Death, which is trying to ruin his dream.

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