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Tuesday 27 October 2015

New video updates

A couple of new Beatles video updates have arrived in the form of yet another teaser (above), this time for "Help!" and also (below) another installment of their restoration series. This third installment concentrates on the restoration of "Something" and "From Me To You" from the 1963 Royal Variety Show.

Also, Paul McCartney has uploaded or made public a number of videos related to the Archives series of "Tug of War" and "Pipes of Peace", available from this page.

Meanwhile, a third version of "Revolution" seems to have been made, also at Twickenham alongside the two previously known versions. These photos were published by a serious Beatles video collector.

Clock slate labeled "Revolution" Take 3.

Still from "Revolution" Take 3.


Klark_kent said...

They did as good a job as possible with the video sources. resize, sharpen, clean... all you can do. Now I wish they had just filmed everything so we could have all HD video... oh well, still pretty sweet

Anonymous said...

i think you made a mistake saying from me to you was from the paris concert.i think that's from the queen's command performance.

Sergol999 said...

Are there more details about this rare take of revolution?

winston o´boogie said...

Where did you get those video captions???
VERY interesting

wogew said...

Joey Anthony: You're right! I edited the post. Sergio and Winston: These photos were posted on a forum, as evidence of a third video circulating among the select few. No further info.

Anonymous said...

Sorry peeps but the '3' on that slate is obviously faked.
Since there is off-white throughout the photograph that means off-white was the colour balance for white. The faker has stupidly added an actual white for the '3'.

Having said that, I am pretty sure that there were other takes of 'Revolution' but I'm just saying that whoever is claiming this as a frame from the slate of Take 3 is a liar.

Andrew said...

Beatles facebook page has posted a nice clip from the "A Day in The Life" video!
It's on the same youtube page as the other Vevo videos