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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Completing Beatles 1

The first music video: "Help!" was filmed in black and white but not included on Beatles 1.
Currently circulating among Beatles video collectors is a collection called "18+", which has been made to accompany the official Beatles 1+ release, compiling some of the videos missing from the official release, including B-sides and alternate versions. Here are the videos featured in this compilation:

I'll Get You - from Ready Steady Go
This Boy - from Late Scene Extra
You Can't Do That - from Ready Steady Go
Things We Said Today - from the Hollywood Bowl
She's A Woman - from Ready Steady Go
Help! - the Twickenham clip filmed by Richard Lester, with original audio
I'm Down - from Blackpool Night Out
We Can Work It Out - from The Music Of Lennon & McCartney
We Can Work It Out - Intertel "version 1"
Paperback Writer - Intertel take 2
Paperback Writer - Intertel take 3
Paperback Writer - Intertel take 4
Rain - Intertel take 1 (edited with take 2 on 1+)
Rain - Intertel take 2
Rain - Intertel colour "Ed Sullivan" version
I Am The Walrus - from Magical Mystery Tour
Revolution - Intertel edit of takes 1 and 2 (with take 1 audio)
Revolution - Intertel take 2 (interspersed with take 1 on Beatles 1+)
Hey Jude - Intertel take 3 "David Frost" version (interspersed with take 2 on Beatles 1+)

Omissions: "Day Tripper", "Paperback Writer" and "Revolution" takes 1 are not circulating, neither is the complete take 2 of "Hey Jude". Takes 1 and 2 of "Hey Jude" were edited together for The Smothers Brothers comedy hour - other snippets can be seen in Anthology and on Beatles 1+. Take 2 is recognisable as the one where the guy in blue is on the redhead's left. Of course there are other clips but they were not number ones and so don't conform to the 1+ theme. Other videos like "Yes It Is" and "Eight Days A Week" no longer exist.


Unknown said...

What is the quality of the videos? In my collection I have all of these and more but some of it is barely watchable!

May I inquire where these are circulating?

Thank you for writing about these news bits I enjoy it when you bring up something that I did not know about. Thank you very much and please keep it up.

Westfield said...
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Westfield said...

It's frustrating since Apple made such a big deal about opening up the vaults. So why not release all the Hey Jude and Revolution takes fully as they exist. Similar for the Rain and Paperback Writer clips. Release them all. Everything that is in the vault should be released.

TGoldberg said...

Where can one find these videos?

DonP said...

If 'I Am The Walrus' from MMT - then why not every other music film clip from A Hard Days Night, Help, Magical Mystery Tour, Yellow Submarine and Let It Be? That is to say, despite it integrity and importance as a Beatle song, I understand why it was left out...we already have it in HD 5.1 (however, if they'd cut a new and more fantastic video clip from the outtakes...that would be different!)

wogew said...

Download links are available at the bootlegzone forum.

Unknown said...

I'm with Todd, where do we find the Beatles 18?

Dog Style said...

There's now a new expanded version of this called 21+ (i.e. 21 videos) also at Bootleg Zone

markjones1970 said...

Because Walrus was the b-side to a number one single, hence it's inclusion here