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Monday, 25 April 2016

McCartney biography update

U.K. edition.
Philip Norman is publishing his new biography on Paul McCartney May 5th in the U.K. as "Paul McCartney: The Biography", May 6th in USA as "Paul McCartney: The Life", and for newspaper The Daily Mail, Norman has started a series of articles with excerpts from the book. As a tabloid newspaper, what interests them about McCartney is, you guessed it: not the music.

USA edition.

So far, the newspaper has published two excerpts, one about his relationship, marriage and divorce from Heather Mills, the other is about other romantic conquests of the Beatle.

The Daily Mail: Heather Mills
The Daily Mail: Other relationships with women
The Book: / / Kindle


Unknown said...

Good looking guy. Could have a promising career in entertainment. I wonder if he does any songwriting.

James Percival said...

I can't say I'm particularly looking forward to this. Norman is a good stylist but pretty loose with the facts. Shout was very anti Paul and full of opinion and invention, and while his Lennon biography is a generally well researched (mostly recycling the research of others, however) his taste for the salacious was as bad as ever. He mentions the tape of John admitting to fantasising about his mother three times (just in case you missed it the first time). Personally I lost all respect for Norman when he slagged off George in the updated version of shout: 'an average guitarist who got lucky!'
Here Comes the Sun
While my guitar gently weeps,
My Sweet Lord, etc, etc
Three of my all time favourite albums: All things must pass, Cloud 9 and 331/3
Some luck, eh

Meredith(MaccaMeri) said...

My order for the paperback got cancelled 5 hrs after I bought it from the mail bookshop. Possibly sold out?

wogew said...

I think the paperback isn't due out before next year, hardcover only, this time around.

Anonymous said...

i agree i hate phillip norman.won't be buying anything he writes.

wogew said...

Today's article.

Martin said...

I wondered when they'd get round to having a pop at Linda. I wonder what the next Daily Mail 'article' on this book will be?

Paul and Yoko hate each other?

Philip Norman is a prick and 'Shout' was shite....

db said...

Philip Norman makes it look like he has a right to trade off other people's success and talent.