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Friday, 29 April 2016

The 1998 Beatles pick-up CD player and radio

Packing case.
How about a piece of memorabilia from the late nineties? Back in 1998, licensed by Apple Corps Ltd as an official Beatles product, a portable Beatles pick-up CD player/Radio was manufactured. Made to look like an old style record player, it was a fully functional CD player and 2 band radio, with a built in arial. This was before and their affiliated officially sanctioned Beatles merchandise shops, so it was only advertised in the printed media. A limited edition of 1000 units is said to have been manufactured.

Made to look like an old style record player.

The back photo of The Beatles lit up at the flick of a switch.
It had two drawers with storage space for CDs, a VU meter and headphone outlet.

The portability meant it ran both on batteries as well as it could be plugged into the mains.

As closed for carrying.
It had a carrying handle with embossed Beatles logo.

Instruction manual in many languages.
Features included:
  • Full function CD-player
  • Memories program/repeat
  • 2 Band radio
  • Light on/off switch
  • 2x (1.2) (20) watt music power
  • Radio/CD selector lights up radio dial scale or CD windows
  • DC operated (8x D-batteries not included) or AC operated with detachable power cord
  • Inside lid features lighted Beatles photo
  • Integrated 2 Drawers for CD storage
  • Carrying handle with embossed Beatles logo
  • The lid opens with a full photo of the Beatles Band with a switch that turns 4 lights on and on that photo if desired.

These are now being sold used at ebay and other places, but at no fixed prices, as I don't believe any current Beatles memorabilia price guide exists.


David Brailsford said...

Do you know what the original price was? I have been watching this on eBay for the last 6 months or so. I am seeing it for about $350.00-$450.00.

db said...

Fascinating really: one dead format mimics another

wogew said...

I've no idea how much this was sold for originally, and I tried to google it. I guess print ads in 1998 magazines will have that info.

Unknown said...

I think the original price was around $150. I remember seeing one with a damaged outer box at a Chicago Beatlefest for around $125 and thinking it was too expensive. Oops.

lmtr14 said...

what's an arial???

lmtr14 said...

@db you're a dead format. lol, idiot

Unknown said...

I have one one of these players, I bought it in 1998 from a store in Liverpool (as I come from there) for around £25.00 ( no box).... just got it out after 20yrs, it’s still as new and works perfectly..... should I sell it?????

Unknown said...

I also have one I'd like to sell, no box. Email if interested. Perfect condition I'll sell for 275 + shipping.

Unknown said...

I am from South Africa, I'm a 2nd hand dealer and have been offered one for ZAR1700, should I buy it? What is its current value?
Best Regards
Michael Hughes
Cape Town
South Africa

Unknown said...

Yes you should. I've been tracking one that was selling for $80 and was then sold.

Jim in Michigan

Unknown said...

Yes, I would, Ray. Just email me back. Thx, Jim in Michigan

S9RCN said...

Sensible offers would be considered...... these are now and getting very hard to get hold of.... IF you have the opportunity to purchase one...,
I’ve been looking on line for a long time and can’t find any available......and that’s world wide, a piece of historic memorabilia available to buy if the price is right......! Offers over £1,500 uk pound.

Unknown said...

I have one and I would like to sell it for $400 no packaging, working good.(plus shipping)If you're interested my nuber is 915 875 7858

Unknown said...

I have one complete with box and labels,it was purchased at the time of manufacturing. It was a Xmas present but I loved it so much It was put back in the box and put on top of the wardrobe. still works perfectly as I tested it the other day and sounds great.And Yes I would sell it for the right price. Love in Yorkshire and planning to move overseas,been a Beatles fan since 1964 and have loads of Beatles stuff. So anyone interested in chatting about anything my email is please no dealers.

Unknown said...

I have one still boxed only taken out to try for sound quality, i bought it from a company in England called Tracks ,still have all paper work price paid 200 pounds