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Thursday, 28 July 2016

First song from "Beat Bugs"

Beat Bugs, a Netflix original series for kids, incorporates more than 50 songs from the Beatles' "Northern Songs" catalogue and features covers by contemporary music artists.

Here's the first song out from the series, which premieres next week. We’ve already seen a teaser trailer, and today, the full trailer has arrived, along with a clip of the Shins covering Rubber Soul’s “The Word” while animated critters cavort around a colorful cartoon world.

The show will also feature Beatles covers from Eddie Vedder, Sia, Chris Cornell, P!nk, Of Monsters And Men, Regina Spektor, and many more.

“The Word” featuring The Shins. Now you know what to get on the TV when your grandchildren are visiting...
Here's the full trailer.

All episodes of Beat Bugs will be available 8/3 on Netflix. Here’s the full list of Beatles covers in the first two seasons:

Season 1:
Pink: "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds"
James Corden: "I’m A Loser"
Aloe Blacc: "Rain"
Robbie Williams: "Good Day Sunshine"
Eddie Vedder: "Magical Mystery Tour"
Frances: "In My Life"
The Shins: "The Word"
The Lumineers: "Honey Pie"
Sia: "Blackbird"

Season 2:
Rod Stewart: "Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band"
Chris Cornell: "Drive My Car"
Regina Spektor: "And Your Bird Can Sing"
Jennifer Hudson: "I’ll Follow The Sun"
Of Monsters and Men: "Eleanor Rigby"
James Bay: "Hey Bulldog"
Tori Kelly: "I’m Happy Just To Dance With You"


Anonymous said...

i have a 5 year old babygirl and i won't be letting her watch this.if they had used the beatles instead of cover artist versions then i'd let her watch it.but all this does is show how beatles music shouldn't be redone.just like john wayne movies shouldn't e redone.don't mess with perfection.warner brothers animated will be making a beatles movie called meet the beatles using the real beatles music so i will wait for that to show my daughter.

Unknown said...

You run a tight ship over there...

Matheus said...

No George Song?