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Monday, 5 September 2016

Eight Days A Week - Special edition for Japan

On stage at the Budokan Hall in Tokyo, Japan, 1966.
Long time Beatles fan Yosi Noz wrote to us and told us that it has been announced that the Japanese edition of the "Eight Days A Week - The touring years" film has been specially edited for the screening in Japan. It will have a longer edit of the band's visit to Japan in 1966, as well as footage from their concerts at the Budokan Hall. We don't know how much footage from Japan there is in the international cut of the film, and we have no knowledge about other country-specific editions of the film. One could imagine that for instance the Australian version of the film could include more footage from the Beatles' visit there.

Yesterday, The Beatles released the clip "Boys", which features unseen colour footage from the 1964 Hollywood Bowl concert performance synched to the Hollywood Bowl version of the song. Just 29 seconds of the clip, which is taken from the upcoming documentary, is on preview. To see the clip in full, you'll need to sign up for Apple Music, or you may purchase it from iTunes. A complete performance is not filmed, so this clip also features unrelated footage from The Beatles on tour.

The Hollywood Bowl booklet reveals that the film will be out in home cinema formats in November.


Sergol999 said...

I think that the footage in the beginning was originally in B'n'W, and was only later colorized for the film.

BWSmythe said...

They won't bother with other editions, surely - Japan's always a special case when it comes to music.

The rest of us will get "the Beatles in America (and a few other brief clips)" that it was always going to be.

Foxx said...

I have nothing against the Japanese. But why is it that they always seem to get the extra bonus track? Not only Beatles product, but other music as wel?

D said...

And from the "I'm Only Dreaming" Department:

"Those residing near the River Mersey are also scheduled to receive a special film edit, including complete live versions of 'Nowhere Man,' 'If I Needed Someone,' 'Yesterday' (Paul solo, on organ), 'Day Tripper' & 'We Can Work It Out' from the second concert of the day that The Beatles performed at the Empire Theatre, on December 5, 1965."

Guess what, gang?

If this were true, I'd happily relocate to Liddypool in a heartbeat!

Pancho said...

Maybe in Germany they will have more about the Hamburg days and the Bravo Blitz Tournee

Peter said...

Japan usually gets JAPAN ONLY extra tracks due to the high price of albums there, going for $30 even.

Fan On The Run said...

I was on the edge of my seat watching this Hollywood Bowl clip. Simply FANTASTIC! More please!!!