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Monday, 5 September 2016

Shea Stadium pre-screening in London

The Beatles on stage at Shea Stadium, August 1965.
We have a report from our friend, Richard Porter about today's preview screening of the newly remastered and re-edited "The Beatles Live at Shea Stadium" concert film in London:

Just back from the screening of The Beatles Live at Shea Stadium. It was held at a private cinema in the basement of the Soho Hotel, literally around the corner from Trident Studios, where the Beatles recorded Hey Jude, and 2 minutes from MPL in Soho Square.

The film was introduced by Jonathan Clyde of Apple, who told us that when 'Eight Day's a Week' was being planned, that it was decided to add something extra to the cinema released, and Shea seemed to perfectly fit the bill. It was shot in 35mm and therefore ideal to be shown in cinemas. The original showing in the UK was on TV, in black and white, which didn't really show it at it's best advantage.

Giles Martin produced the audio, and reduced the screams using the same software as he used for the Hollywood Bowl CD.

The film itself was just of the Beatles 30 minute performance, so didn't include the support acts. The picture and sound quality was amazing and brilliant to see on a big screen, as the shear immensity of Shea Stadium, and the occasion, really come across.

The highlight is certainly "I'm Down", with John going totally mad at the keyboards. It's also great seeing John and Paul singing eyeball to eyeball on "Ticket to Ride". John is his usual rebel self, being the only one to have his jacket unbuttoned. I also love the scene with Brian Epstein watching 'his boys'.

"She's a Woman" was the audio over the closing titles - "Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby" wasn't included.

I'm really glad Shea is being shown at the cinema - go see it!

The Beatles: Eight Days a Week - The Touring Years, along with The Beatles at Shea Stadium, is being shown in UK cinemas from September 15. Book tickets now:

Richard Porter is a London Beatles tour guide


Foxx said...

Is it the original live performance, or has it the overdubbed sweetened tracks and the studio version (!) of Act Naturally, like the original film?

Foxx said...
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winston o´boogie said...

Sorry, but what a poor report.

Mary said...

yeah, very poor report!
This is a copy (remastered in 4K) of the original TV Film, because 'Act Naturally' is again, in the wrong running order of the original set list, let's hope it's the actual audio and not the "fixed" version, but considering the facts, this poor review and the track list, it seems it will be the same.
'She's a Woman' and "Everybody's" seem to be forever lost.

Anonymous said...
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db said...

Don't suppose anyone knows about any Amsterdam-based screenings of this?

Mary said...

I'm sure when the set list was posted at the eight days a week website more than a month ago, they even didn't knew which songs will be on it and just put it to fill-in information, and even when they had "She's a Woman" and "Everybody's trying" listed, they've omitted "Can't Buy Me Love" from that set list, so I really doubt that the people who post the info knows more than us and I really doubt we will get those two missing songs, the opportunity to shown the REAL Full show is in cinemas and in 4K; the Shea concert won't be shown on Hulu, so, if we don't get those two songs now, in cinemas (and later on DVD/Blu Ray)when the press release says "the full 30 minute performance" (if it was the full show, will be longer than 35 minutes to start), we don't get them in a future "home video release".

Foxx said...

No more than this

The Serial Pest said...

Matey Boy gets around! I'm still jealous as hell I couldn't get on to the rooftop of Savile Row!

dany lynen said...

Our screening will also include Shea Stadium. On the 15th of September!!!God it sure is going to be fab!!

Unknown said...

Going on Dave Schwensen's book on the Beatles at Shea Stadium, a couple of extras have stated is that what you see in the film is what you get so the footage of the two missing songs (She's a Woman & Everybodys Trying to be my Baby) are basically lost forever as they were left on the cutting room floor and gone almost straight away which is disappointing for such a big event. The only way these two songs could possibly have any footage was if someone in the crowd managed to get some visable footage otherwise the next best thing would be to make those songs into a montage of the concert with the audio in the background - unless someone out there has the whole unedited concert before it was cut up all those years ago (haven't heard anything so very unlikely) otherwise were just gunna have to do with what is - still better than no footage at all I spose.

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

My biggest disappointment was the Shea stadium concert, being 2 songs audio replaced Twist And Shout FROM THE STUDIO RECORDING REALLY!!
Even Help! sounded like it was sourced from the Blackpool night out version here.
If this gets an official release without the possibility of having the original or possibly the 1966 sweetened overdubbed version, it will be an even bigger disappointment.

Anonymous said...
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