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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Harrison vinyl boxed set

Two picture discs included with the boxed set.
This post has been updated with new information after it was first published. As previously rumoured, a George Harrison vinyl collection is going to be available individually and as a boxed set. The set has a release date of  February 24, 2017 - just in time for what would have been Harrison's 74th birthday. The collection has still not been officially announced, so we are quoting an anonymous source.

The collection consists of all George Harrison's LPs (except the live album "Concert for Bangladesh", which is a various artists album anyway), which means that the "All Things Must Pass" triple album and the "Live in Japan" double album are included. Exclusive to the boxed set are two picture disc singles not sold separately: a replica of the original "When We Was Fab" 12" maxi single and a new one for the song "Cloud Nine" (tracks to be confirmed). The latter is the same 7" as the Genesis Publications "I Me Mine" book bonus vinyl single (or EP).

An illustration of George Harrison albums.
George's first two albums, the experimental "Electronic Sound" and the movie soundtrack "Wonderwall Music", both released while Harrison was still in the Beatles, will also be part of the reissue programme. "Early Takes Vol 1" is currently readily available on vinyl and will not be included in the boxed set. Here's a list of the 13 albums in the box:
  1. Wonderwall Music
  2. Electronic Sound
  3. All Things Must Pass
  4. Living In The Material World
  5. Dark Horse
  6. Extra Texture
  7. 33 & 1/3
  8. George Harrison
  9. Somewhere In England
  10. Gone Troppo
  11. Cloud Nine
  12. Live In Japan
  13. Brainwashed
  14. +
  15. Picture disc When We Was Fab
  16. Picture disc Cloud Nine

This is all preliminary information, so details may change before the release. The two compilation albums "Best of George Harrison" and "Best of Dark Horse, 1976-1989" haven't made the list. Still these albums contain some material not available in the new collection, like the "Bangladesh" single version on the former and "Poor Little Girl" and "Cheer Down" on the latter.


Unknown said...

Been looking forward to this! Kind of hope they use the original Somewhere In England cover.

Geert said...

The Genesis book 7"? That's poor!

RAJ said...

The "Bangla-Desh" single is the odd man out again as the 'Best Of George Harrison' album appears to be forgotten about...again.

Unknown said...

Was hoping for a "rarity" type box. Maybe it was against George's wishes. The offerings on Early Takes was enjoyable...but clocks in at just over 30 minutes. Almost like it was a forced release to tie in with the film.

Have Dhani remix ATMP for it's 50th anniversary.


Unknown said...

A "rarities" type box certainly was against George's wishes since he mentioned he was working on one in his 1999 interview with Timothy White for Billboard.

You could read in it that:

"Meanwhile, Harrison has been immersed in final recording and archival reconnaissance for an unprecedentedly intimate new solo release recorded on-site in his own facilities, as well as a proposed multi-cd retrospective of his solo demos, outtakes, and previously unreleased recordings."

Unknown said...

I mean "was NOT against wishes! :-)

Unknown said...

I mean "was NOT against George's wishes"! :-)

Mark said...

I wonder how far along George got in preparing the tracks for the boxset...

Unknown said...


Geert said...

This should have been a bonus LP:

Bangla Desh
Deep Blue
I Don’t Care Anymore
Miss O’Dell
Tears Of The World
Flying Hour
Sat Singing


I Don’t Want To Do It
Lay His Head
Zig Zag
Cockamamie Business
Poor Little Girl
Cheer Down
Horse To The Water

Am I forgetting anything?

Unknown said...

what were the tracks on the genesis i me mine vinyl?

Geert said...

They still havent announced ...

Anonymous said...

OMG! HOW MUCH WILL THIS SET COST!!£300 is is my opening bid .
what do you think?
and what fun to be able to buy 2 different All Things Must Pass Vinyl sets next year!

Unknown said...

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Geert said...

A reply from Genesis:

"We are not aware of the contents of any vinyl box set that is being released next year but, for your information, we can confirm that the vinyl accompanying I,Me,Mine - Extended Edition will feature two versions of All Things Must Pass - a demo version and the album version. These tracks have been released before as 'rareities' , but our marbled, 7" 'picture disc' is only available with this limited edition book and only 1000 copies have been pressed."

Mary said...

Ohh, boring bonus for such an expensive Book

Edward R said...

Shanghai surprise

Edward R said...

Well since most of us can't afford the book , I'm glad I'm not missing out on a real rarity, a batch of unreleased tracks or some hidden gem.

Unknown said...

How much is the book?

Geert said...

the book is sold out

Geert said...

£265.00 ---

Unknown said...

Ridiculous price for a book.

Geert said...

It really is MUCH better quality than just a book. It's like a real hoffner bass in comparison to any of its cheaper copies ;)
It is a crazy price, I agree. But, strangely enough, it's value for money. (By the way - I don't work for Genesis ;) )

Sorry ... we're getting off topic

Mikko Suhonen said...

Hottest Gong in town.

Unknown said...

I will live without the book but I would love to get my ears on that box. I will there were an official announcement

June42 said...

Dhani posted a photo as thenewno2 on instagram in the last day with what looks like the box set - it looks really good

Morninggloryseed said...

Oh wow, it sounds like it could be sheer perfection. Wonderwall Music and Electronic Sound in print again! The songs from his autobiography too if I read correctly...Hope it sounds great.