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Thursday, 6 April 2017

Penny Lane single for RSD

Single release for Record Store Day
As written in the press release of the anniversary edition of "Sgt Pepper" yesterday, there will be a single release of "Penny lane" / "Strawberry Fields Forever" for Record Store Day, April 22. And a webpage dedicated to the release was also up yesterday. The single will be limited to just 7000 copies, but there is nothing on the webpage which says if this is just the original single mix or if these are new mixes of the songs in question. From what we hear, Apple meant them to be new mixes.

Link: Record Store Day


Klark_kent said...

There won't be any in the stores, but there will be plenty on ebay

Aitzol Zubizarreta said...

Do you know in which countries will this Beatles' RSD single be released?

Edward R said...

How long will this RSD farce continue?
Put it out for everyone. By putting out such a limited number , how many genuine fans will get their hands on a copy at the original price?