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Friday, 18 May 2018

John & Yoko exhibition opens

Yoko Ono is in Liverpool to open the new exhibition. Photo: Mark McNulty
Today, the new John&Yoko exhibition opens in the Museum of Liverpool, titled Double Fantasy – John & Yoko, and it will be running until 22 April, 2019. Yoko Ono has taken the trip from New York to be present at the opening. Perhaps one can also expect to see John and Yoko's son Sean Lennon there, as he recently published a selfie from a Thames boat trip, together with George's son, Dhani Harrison.

"The Thames they are a Changin!" is the text which followed this image on Sean's Instragram and Facebook accounts.
Double Fantasy - John&Yoko is a free exhibition, celebrating the meeting of two of the world’s most creative artists who expressed their deep and powerful love for one another through their art, music and film. They used their fame and influence to campaign for peace and human rights across the world, transforming not only their own lives, but art, music and activism forever.

Featuring personal objects alongside art, music and film produced by John and Yoko, the exhibition is drawn from Yoko’s own private collection, some of which has never been displayed.

See our blog post from March for more details of this exhibition.


db said...

Well, one of the world’s most creative artists...
(maybe it's a typo)

Ole M. Olsen said...

After fifty years we are allowed to take a break from all the Yoko bashing, aren't we?

Unknown said...


Klark_kent said...

Sean: Not sure if the suit and tie blends well with boat trips, but, hey. We support you.