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Saturday, 2 June 2018

Set list for Ringo's summer tour

Setlist from a "test concert" in Atlantic City
Ringo and his All Starr Band have kicked off their summer tour, which brings them to Europe and Israel. The kick-off took place in Atlantic City yesterday night, and there will be one more show there tonight, before they head across the Atlantic ocean for L'Olympia in Paris.
The band:
Ringo Starr
Gregg Rollie- Santana
Colin Hay- Men at Work
Steve Lukather- Toto
Graham Gouldman - 10CC
Warren Ham
Gregg Bissonette
We have gotten hold of a set list from last night, so these are the songs most likely to appear in the European tour. Don't look if you want to be surprised!

  1. Matchbox - Ringo Starr. Beatles
  2. It Don't Come Easy - Ringo Starr
  3. What Goes On - Ringo Starr. Beatles
  4. Dreadlock Holiday - Graham Gouldman. 10CC
  5. Evil ways - Gregg Rollie. Santana
  6. Rosanna - Steve Lukather. Toto
  7. Down Under - Colin Hay. Men at Work
  8. Boys - Ringo Starr. Beatles
  9. Don't Pass Me By - Ringo Starr. Beatles
  10. Yellow Submarine - Ringo Starr. Beatles
  11. I'm Not in Love - Graham Gouldman. 10CC
  12. Black Magic Woman - Gregg Rollie. Santana
  13. You're 16 - Ringo Starr
  14. Anthem - Ringo Starr
  15. Overkill - Colin Hay. Men at Work
  16. Africa - Steve Lukather. Toto
  17. Oye Como Va - Gregg Rollie. Santana
  18. I Wanna Be Your Man - Ringo Starr. Beatles
  19. Things We Do For Love - Graham Gouldman. 10CC
  20. Who Can It Be Now - Colin Hay. Men at Work
  21. Hold the Line - Steve Lukather. Toto
  22. Photograph - Ringo Starr
  23. Act Naturally - Ringo Starr. Beatles
  24. With a Little Help From My Friends - Ringo Starr. Beatles
  25. Give Peace a Chance - Ringo Starr. Plastic Ono Band


Marcelo Ginger said...

Again and again and again and again

tank said...

The Beetle (VW Käfer from Germany) advertising in the 60th: He runs and runs and runs.......

Marcelo Ginger said...

Ringo could change the tracklist...but...

Unknown said...

How about Octopus’s Garden?!?

Unknown said...

Yes....Octopus' Garden and Goodnight...and you'd have about all of Ringo's Beatles songs....but there are dozens of other hits he could play, too, from his solo career. Still, I won't complain about what he sings.,,he's a Beatle..and being 50% of what's left...I'll happily pay to see him sing whatever he likes! Peace and Love!