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Friday, 20 September 2019

New preview: Come Together

The Beatles have made available another foretaste of the new edition "Abbey Road" album. This time it's two versions of "Come Together". It's the new stereo mix and also take 5 from the session tapes.

This is the third official leak from the upcoming release, the previous ones having been "Something" and "Oh! Darling". So will they also tease us with "Octopus's Garden" before the release date, which is September 27?

Let us know what you think about the tracks in the comment section!


absinthe said...

What sounds like a bird squawk at 3:13. A slow "all right" from 3:53-3:55. "Ugh" at 4:11.

Real Quaid said...

You gave me a scare.

The release date is september 27, not november.

Unknown said...

Considering how popular Here Comes the Sun is, I would expect that to be the next taste from this reissue. I think George will be acknowledged twice this go round.

Westfield said...

I love everything about these outtakes

Teddy Salad said...

Looks like Unknown is right, at least with the announcement of the video.