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Thursday, 3 October 2019

Listen again to the Beatles from the BBC Radio 2 pop-up

Off the air but programmes still accessible for a while, radio 2 Beatles.
The BBC Radio 2 special Beatles pop-up channel has gone off the air, but you can still access the programmes they sent online for a while. This you'll do by surfing to this website, which will give you a list of the programmes, so that you can select the ones you want to listen to.
Among the contents: "I was there": Time witnesses talking, DJ Tony Blackburn, Pattie Boyd, Gillian Reynolds and Marty Wilde. The story of the recording of the Abbey Road album presented by "Yesterday" actor Himesh Patel in two episodes, an hour long presentation of each Beatle's solo career, a 2-hour stroll through BBC's radio archive of Beatles recordings, a reprise of the radio documentary of the Day John met Paul etc.


David Brailsford said...

Not available in my location. WHY? IS it because of Trump? J.K.
Does anyone know how I could listen to this in the USA?

arrownet said...

Use a VPN