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Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Rare TV performance by Mike McGear

A rare mimed musical performanve recently appeared on YouTube, of Mike McGear with the song "Leave It" from 1974. This was released as a single in conjunction with the album "McGear", where Mike was backed by his brother's group, Wings.

This performance took place on the Spanish TV channel RTVE in their program series "Señoras Y Señores" which was broadcast on February 15, 1975. RTVE uploads a new episode of this programme every Sunday on their web portal, which is the source our uploader has downloaded this clip from. The song is a Paul & Linda McCartney composition.

Mike also performed "Simply Love You" on the same show. You can watch the entire episode here. It includes The Rubettes among others, the others being mainly Spanish artists.


Teddy Salad said...

That was really horrible.

David Brailsford said...

I have never heard any of Mike's songs before. Not bad really considering the era it was released. You can easily put Ringo or a number of middling mid 70's singers in the lead vocal and it would pretty much sound the same.

The video is painful to watch. However, it is very typical of the era. Almost all of the lip-synced videos at that time are cringe-worthy. Dancing girls, quick cuts, green screen pics, lots of new video toys to play with, and use to death.

Sergio Martín said...

Bless him. No price for guessing which brother got all the looks!

CSCCA said...
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Mahbuba Islam said...
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