Tuesday, 14 March 2017

McCartney cassette for RSD

Demo cassette from Paul and Elvis for Record Store Day
Just a little bit less than a year ago, we were reporting on the cassette revival, and yesterday Paul McCartney announced the release of a limited edition three-song cassette of Paul and Elvis Costello's Flowers In The Dirt demos. The cassette will be made available at participating RSD stores on Record Store Day this April 22nd.
PaulMcCartney.com writes: "The limited edition cassette-only release will be the first time these recordings - 'I Don’t Want To Confess', 'Shallow Grave' and 'Mistress And Maid'- will be made available in the same form as when Paul and Elvis first cut them directly to tape". Here's a promo:


  1. Extremely disappointed that Paul is celebrating RECORD store day with a CASSETTE. worst move he has made since announcing the "Flowers In The Dirt" B-sides as downloads only in favor of 2 discs worth of the same Elvis Costello material.

  2. Hilarious...a piss take - people are upset about making an entire discs worth of a very expensive deluxe box set digital only? let's really wind them up and make three of those download only tracks available ..on a cassette that few can ever play! Brilliant display of out of touch artist....no wonder many will just download this set now rather than buy it. Paul has really lost my respect over this.

  3. why on cassette? No wonder people download music illegally when artists pull stunts like this.

  4. Because Paul and Elvis originally recorded the track this way... seems really fun

  5. Lots of artists are releasing cassettes again. In fact, there are A LOT of independent record labels that are cassette only. Paul releasing a cassette of demos that he ORIGINALLY recorded on cassette makes perfect sense and is actually pretty damn cool - especially since it will be made even more collectible by being a cassette only release.

    It's always funny to me now people will find ANYTHING to complain about. Here's a tip: if you don't like it, don't buy it. Nobody is forcing your hand.

  6. And we will hope and pray that Sonos bring out cassette players any day soon. The whole concept of RSD was to get people into record stores not to create overpriced items that scalpers resell at inflated prices. And you won't get folks going in to stores to buy stuff they can't play.

  7. Lots of artists are releasing cassettes again.

    Really? LOTS? Reality check - no LOTS are not.

    So, you would support a limited edition release of the album on a 24 track tape that requires a professional studio rig to play back too?

    Some fans will defend every stupid move or bad track their favourite artist makes.

    It's not "complaining about anything". That's deluded. It's a very rational disagreement to issuing 3 tracks on a format most can't even play, AND is a two fingered out of touch salute as the only other way to get the tracks legally is to buy a deluxe set WAY more expensively priced than any previous deluxe set by Paul.

    I repeat - this stupid decision should have no one surprised at people choosing to download the set illegally.

  8. Buy the deluxe set for goodness sake!

    Go halves with a friend!

    There are much bigger issues in the world than this.

    1. "Go halves with a friend"

      Best quote of the year; greatest reasoning ever.

      Thank you!

  9. Thanks Andrew for solving all our problems

  10. You could buy it and share costs with another person or a group of people.
    Makes it much cheaper. "Problem". Really? Have a think of what else is happening
    in the world at the moment and tell us with a straight face this is a probblem!

  11. It's Friday night I fancy playing Flowers in the Dirt deluxe version. But wait it is not on my shelf . It is at my buddy's house. iPhone him and he fells me that it is not his week for the album . It is at another friends house. I phone him and he does not answer. Never mind I' m sure Andrew will lend me his copy . Thanks Andrew

  12. Cassette? How many of you even own a cassette deck these days?

  13. I guess everyone who owns a record player also owns a tape deck. Otherwise a Hifi setup wouldn't be complete. I have tape decks at home and in my car, that's why I bought the McCartney cassette today