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Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Don't Put Me Down Like This

The Liverpool Daily Post brings us some updates about the recently discovered BBC radio tape of The Beatles, that's going to be sold at an auction on August 5th by Cameo Auctioneers of Midgham, Berkshire.
Beatles scholars have put forward that this could be reel 1 of two reels from the recording session for the BBC radio programme "Top Gear", which took place on September 17. 1964. Reel no. 2 circulates among collectors.
A reminder of what's on this tape:
Side 1
1 Don't Put Me Down Like This (unknown)
2 I Feel Fine (probably the recording session for "Top Gear")
3 She's A Woman (more "Top Gear")
4 Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby (more "Top Gear")
5 Honey Don't (more "Top Gear")
6 I'll Follow The Sun (incomplete) (more "Top Gear")
Side 2
1 I'll Follow The Sun (incomplete) (more "Top Gear")
2 I'm A Loser (more "Top Gear")
3 I'll Follow The Sun (complete) (more "Top Gear")
4 Too Much Monkey Business (probably The Hollies)
5 Nitty Gritty (probably The Hollies)
6 Somethings Gotta Hold Of Me (probably The Hollies)
7 I Shall Not Be Moved (unknown)
The auction catalogue also contains other interesting Beatles-related lots. 
Auctioneer John King, of Cameo Auctioneers of Midgham, Berkshire, said the tape is expected to attract worldwide interest when it is sold next week.
Mr King said: "It’s a real time capsule, an audio snapshot of the Beatles in the youth when they were having fun, laughing, giggling and buzzing off each other. Among the numbers they cover on the tape is a recording of ‘Don’t Put Me Down Like This’. Our research shows that there is no other known recording of the Beatles playing that number."
His research is probably the email I sent him, where I put forward the ongoing theories about the origin of the tape. The auction house still doesn't want to go public about the fact that some of this material is the Hollies and that it's a beeb recording, but that was probably not in their interest. Note that they are now touting the song  Don’t Put Me Down Like This as the main item of interest on the tape, and no mention about the titles Nitty Gritty/Something's Got A Hold On Me or I Shall Not Be Moved, which also would have warranted the description "no other known recording of the Beatles playing those numbers", if it had really been The Beatles who were playing on them. An expert on The Hollies believes that the end of this tape likely contains 3 Hollies tracks recorded for the Saturday Swings BBC radio programme, recorded 11 Nov 1964 and broadcast 28 Nov 1964. This particular show is not in the BBC radio archives.
Due to uncontrollable laughter and boyish antics, it takes the Beatles three attempts to complete the song I’ll Follow The Sun, which is a McCartney song they should know very well in late 1964, as it was probably composed as early as 1959 and is present on an unreleased Beatles rehearsal tape from 1960 that circulates among collectors.

The tape was discovered by a man going through his father’s effects after his death. Mr King again: "The vendor was sorting out his late father’s things and they included a number of audio tapes. Fortunately he played the tapes to find out what was on them and realised that he had something when he heard what appeared to be The Beatles. It’s very thrilling to come across something from The Beatles that is completely unique after all this time. When I first listened to this tape it really made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. It sent a shiver down my spine. Potentially the value of a unique Beatles recording is enormous.We have estimated it at £8,000 to £12,000 but the value could go much higher than that because we are getting worldwide interest."
The identity of the man who found the tape is not being revealed but it is thought that he father was in the music industry. Or perhaps the radio industry?


Unknown said...

Hi! I've just looked through your blogspot and it is really nice! I also love the Beatles, but usualy I don't get as much information as I would like to. I red about this tape found in Liverpool. How nice is that? But it would be nicer if the happy collector who buys it show its content to the world. In fact, do somebody think it is possible for us, poor mortals, to listen to this tape once maybe? Well, it is still allowed to dream.
Congrats for your website!
Greetings from Brazil,

wogew said...

It appears that the version of Don't Put Me Down Like This on this tape is performed by Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers. So the air went out of that balloon pretty quickly.

Anonymous said...

hi i have recently noticed that a reel to reel recording was given to me by a man i knew a long time ago it had the beatles titled and was bought from a antique store in the 70's it looks old and looks like it hasnt been played since then,its is a reel to reel phillips tape, i was wondering if any1 could give me advice on where i can play this tape or to even find out more information about it ,or even if they wanted to buy it my email address is