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Sunday, 3 August 2008

Magical Mystery Tour

The Sunday Movie: MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR (1967)

The Magical Mystery Tour movie
Unlike the Let It Be movie, Magical Mystery Tour was released full scale in many countries and many editions on video cassettes and laser disc. The DVD however, was only released in the USA (and let me tell you one thing, Apple: releasing a Beatles film in just one country makes the rest of us think that The Beatles feel that we are second-rate Beatles fans). Apple and MPI released the film in 1997, unfortunately one of the restored prints for the 1988 video cassette was overlooked when releasing the DVD and they used an inferior version of the film. The MPI/Apple DVD has been out of print for a number of years, and the Amazon links above are for an Australian imported release (presumably a bootleg) of the film, on the Avenue One label. The MPI/Apple version is also listed on Amazon (USA) and you can occasionally find used copies of it here, from Amazon's associates.
Magical Mystery Tour is on the list of current Apple restoration projects, but no word about when a restored DVD will be available in shops.

Watch it online.

UK VHS video cassette

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