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Thursday 19 February 2009

Final PC Live out

The final volume of Purple Chick's Live series is out and brings us to the end of The Beatles' touring career. Unfortunately, the website we made for Purple Chick's Beatles-related releases has fallen victim to a faulty server. We hope to bring the site back at a new url some time in the future. Feel free to contact me if you are able to provide free hosting for this underground Beatles site.

Disc art.
Purple Chick has now brought us all available recordings of The Beatles' appearances on BBC radio, studio sessions, Get Back sessions and live concerts. This has eliminated the need for the official 1987-88 Beatles CD releases and any previously released bootlegs from other companies, except for one category: The Beatles own home demos.
For a Purple Chick discography, see our previous post about the penultimate volume in this series .


Anonymous said...

Thanks for following this series with your disc art the whole way through. Top work! - Alf

Professor Benjamin Levi Marks said...

this is the tour i saw

Anonymous said...

Don't mean to be pedantic, but you've titled the discs "The Last Tour", when the other art says "The Final Tour". Just thought you might wanna know....

wogew said...

I know. The set was announced and released under the title "The Last Tour", whereas the booklet art said "The Final Tour". This is, of course in keeping with the old bootleg traditions. As a homage to the old vinyl bootlegs, I decided to maintain the confusion by using "The Last Tour" on the disc art. :-)

Anonymous said...

Re: Final Tour/Last Tour titles for this release. After my initial comment I noticed that the original Purple Chick art uses "The Final Tour" on the front and "The Last Tour" on the side anyway... So you're disc art is fine any way you look at it. I kind of wish they'd kept up the punning titles like "Adelaide Reaction" and "Sheaken, Not Stirred". - Alf