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Monday, 27 July 2009

1966 Lennon lyrics on exhibit

Previously unpublished lyrics by John Lennon from 1966 are currently on display in Liverpool's own Beatles museum Beatles Story, courtesy of the former mrs Lennon, Cynthia, and her and John's son, Julian. The lyrics are part of an exhibition within the museum entitled "White Feather : The Spirit of Lennon", which also features unseen photos and filmed interviews. Here are some sample lyrics:

Little girl I’ve come to stay
And this time I just have to say
I love you.


If she turns you down and you’re rejected
Try again the best you can
Call to see her when you’re least expected
Tell her now she’ll understand

Julian Lennon says he would consider putting music to these words, explaining: "If the time was right, if it felt right, then I would consider looking at the lyrics and maybe trying to work with them and write something. But obviously only in honour of Dad. I guess in some respect it would be like coming home."

The exhibition will run until December 31st, 2009. Lucky, really - because I'm going to be in Liverpool at the end of August.

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