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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

McCartney Citi Field bootlegs

Bootlegs from Paul McCartney's recent concerts at Citi Field, NY are already in circulation on the internet. We have heard about boots from the 18th (depicted) and the 17th (where Billy Joel was guesting on "I Saw Her Standing There"), but yesterday's concert has not yet made it out.
The japanese bootleg company Piccadilly has announced a 3 CD set from the concert on the 18th, pressed on silver discs.
Furthermore, even though the Halifax concert on the 11th of July was broadcast in Canada as pay-per-view on the 16th, both in Hi Def and regular quality, we still haven't heard of a DVD bootleg from that broadcast. Let us know if you hear about it!
UPDATE: It seems I spoke too early when I said that there was a bootleg available from the 17th. It seems that it was just mislabeled, and really contained the concert from the 18th. Meanwhile, the concert from the 21st has showed up.


Unknown said...

Where can I get any of these bootlegs?

Doug Brady said...

I found links at :-)

Anonymous said...

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