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Thursday, 2 July 2009

Paul, Ringo and Allen Klein

Also previously documented by Tammy over at Beatlephotos are three photographs from the recent Christie's auction (see previous post). Paul McCartney meets up with Ringo and Allen Klein outside Savile Row 3, the Apple offices. Christie's description: This collection of photographs were compiled by one obsessive fan, who actually ended up on the Apple payroll. The photos are images she took herself when religiously waiting outside various Beatle-related addresses in the hope of seeing, and possibly meeting, a member of the band.
Judging from Paul's clothes, I took it that these three photos were taken at the same occasion, but I could be wrong. The photo of Paul arriving and posing depicts someone in a grey jacket, who is not seen in the other two photos.
The three photos were sold together with fifty other candid photos, and the lot sold for £5.625 or $9.377.


Anonymous said...

i find this very disturbing, laughing and playing with guns. Lennon seems to have a premonition. Please comment

wogew said...

Here's a more disturbing one, and yet the man with the gun is dead a long time ago and the "victim" turned 69 today.

Unknown said...

these pics were taken the same day that they signed a new contract with klein. there are pics of them inside with johnandyoko signing the contract(s). i don't know where george was that day though. a friend.