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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Purple Chick BBC Upgrade

Purple Chick is working on a BBC upgrade release based on the recent "Beatles At The Beeb" broadcast, and also including a handful of "unbooted bits and pieces here and there (all chat, no music, unfortunately)."
Most of all, the new release will be sonic upgrades of some material that was on the 2004 version in inferior quality.
Purple Chick will also include any material you may have in your collection, so if you are sitting on something that is either unbootlegged or something which is an upgrade to the chick's 2004 collection, please upload it to sendspace, rapidshare or megaupload, and write the link as a commentary to this post. It will be passed on.
The upgrade will not be a new definitive BBC set, just an add-on release to the 2004 release, so you'll still need that version.
Stay tuned, and I'll alert you when the upgrade project is done.

1 comment:

Dr_Robert said...

Can't wait to hear this! A release in circulating with all the new pieces but it has noise reduction plastered all over it. It is now being held aloft as the definitive version but it sounds awful.